Men's Hair Replacement

Here at Pro Hair Inc. we only use the best hair systems available ... Cyberhair.

New Technology

Cyberhair is the most revolutionary hair available anywhere in the world! It was developed in a lab in Japan, and now people in Asia, Europe and the US will never have to look at hair loss and hair replacement the same again. Imagine being able to get all the hair you want easily and quickly.

Imagine getting more hair that looks, acts and feels like your own hair. Imagine having the confidence of knowing that your appearance is guaranteed for 30-days – risk free.

With Cyberhair you can have it all!

World Wide Patent Protection

Two US patents for the unique Cyberhair process have been issued, and today, the patent protection process is continuing worldwide. What makes the process unique is a special technique during the creation of the fiber; it produces the texture in Cyberhair's surface which is extremely close to that in your own hair.

All of this adds up to hair that looks and feels like strong healthy hair, except for one thing…Cyberhair is actually better.

What's more, Cyberhair is distributed only from one company in North America. This company takes pride in being particular about who is qualified to retail Cyberhair, and goes to great lengths to provide specialized education and exclusive products.

Cyberhair ... becoming a part of you

Because Cyberhair is so much like your own growing hair, it will appear as though it's growing right from the scalp. You can take years off of your apparent age by improving your hair, quickly and easily.

"The hair that can almost style itself"

Cyberhair is lighter in weight, more colorfast, has better curl retention and durability than other types of hair, (human or man-made). It has built in "style memory" that actually makes it easier to maintain than your own hair. Imagine, hair that's so easy to care for…so easy to make look fantastic, that it may seem that it can style itself.

Haven't you spent enough time worrying about your hair to this point? Put those worries behind you with more hair that's proven to be even better than nature itself.

Why settle for anything less?

Cyberhair is a new innovation in hair systems, spun from scientific technology. It has many desirable qualities : durability, uniformity, lightness, softness, body and lift, and memory retention. In all of these areas, Cyberhair is equal or superior to other fibers (including human hair) while duplicating its texture to simulate your own hair. Only recently have successful methods been developed to make such a product with a natural appearance.

Currently, synthetic fibers in the market have an unnatural cross section shape or chemically damaged surface in trying to achieve light reflectant properties. On the other hand, most human hair used for hair systems has also been chemically treated in an effort to regain its natural appearance. Unfortunately, those efforts result in corrupting the hair quality in many aspects.

Human hair is hot, heavy, will eventually grow dull and fade, become dry, brittle, and will break. It will also require hair-adds to the system as a result. Cyberhair will not break down. It's better than natural. It's super-natural!

With Cyberhair's technology, nothing on the marketplace comes as close to the texture of your own hair. Get the high performance (and low maintenance) you demand - experience more, not less.

Contact Us today and see how Cyberhair can make a big difference in the way you look and feel.