Women's Hair Replacement

Private Issue is designed especially for you and your lifestyle. Finally, hair options that put no limits on your imagination. Be free to live the lifestyle that you have, the lifestyle you have always wanted or just go wherever life takes you.

With no limits the choice is yours. Just live life.

Private Issue by Cyberhair is not your typical hair option. Each option is designed specifically for you. All the styles pictured on this website have been created to achieve a desired look or style. The same way that your unique look and style will be created.

We are all different with our own desires and expectations - Private Issue wants to keep it that way.


  • Super lightweight cap construction for the ultimate in comfort and secure wearability.
  • Hand tied with light, refined materials that conform to the head for an individual customized fit.
  • Subtle colors, hues and highlights that you've got to see to believe!
  • Also Available in Textured hair.

Private Issue's Secret

First and foremost is the hair - Cyberhair.

Cyberhair is a hair that duplicates all the positive characteristics of human hair: moisture retention to maintain the healthy feel and touch and cuticle formation to simulate light reflective qualities of human hair creating a natural look.

Then Cyberhair improved on human hair by adding style memory allowing Cyberhair to maintain your style over and over. Lighter in weight than human hair for your comfort and colorfast so your natural color is always true.

What does this really mean for you? Cyberhair performs making it easy and worry-free

No Limits!

What is your favorite activity? Where do you go for excitement?

Fill in the blanks and Cyberhair will let you do it and go there worry-free. No worrying about the elements - sun, wind, rain, humidity.

Cyberhair thrives in the elements and lets you be you with your appearance never missing a beat.

All the features in Private Issue are the finest available. You may find many imitations, but none will match the quality, performance and value of Private Issue.

Make an investment in yourself and let yourself ... Just Live Life.

Now's The Time ...

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