Men's Testimonials

"When Bill Kelly informed me he was updating his website, I asked him if I could provide some comments about his products and services. I offered my input because hair replacement customers, such as myself, usually want to keep such matters confidential and are often reluctant or not in a position to provide referrals to others. Because Bill’s products and services are so exceptional, I wanted to offer my referral on his website and share my experiences about Bill Kelly and Prohair, Inc.

I have been wearing hair replacement systems for 35 years and have seen many changes in the industry. Early on, I wore human hair replacement units with a variety of bases, including rigid plastic bases and several types of fabric bases. Over the years I found that units with human hair require high maintenance, especially maintaining the color, because human hair oxidizes and turns red.

About twelve years ago, I met Bill Kelly and told him I wanted to migrate from human hair to synthetic hair. Over the last twelve years, Bill made several synthetic units for me, and I was so pleased that I recommended him to one of my relatives in another state.

About two years ago, Bill told me about a new base that is available to only a few other dealers in the United States. The base, called a lens cap, is lightweight plastic that is very thin and transparent. This base is custom made in North Carolina from a mold that Bill provides. The unique feature of the lens cap is that no tape or clips are required to secure the unit to your head. I spray the inside of the lens cap lightly with water before placing the unit on my head. Then I apply pressure on top of the unit with my hands to remove any excess water. I have found that I do not have to apply a great amount of pressure to remove the excess water and cause the unit to adhere to my head. The unit is absolutely secure as if it were taped to my head or clipped to my hair. I have never had a single security issue in the two years I have worn this style base (even in high winds).

Prior to wearing this base, I spent a considerable amount of time each morning removing old tape, installing new tape, and positioning the unit on my head. If I did not position the unit correctly on my head the first time, I would have to remove the unit, possibly even replace the tape, and try perhaps one or two more times to get the unit correctly positioned. In my opinion, this was the downside of wearing a hair replacement unit—the time and trouble to get the unit on your head correctly. This process could take from up to 10 minutes each time. As most people who have worn hair replacement units know, if the unit is not seated on your head properly, the unit can be uncomfortable and can be easily detected by others. The new lens cap is a pliable solid plastic base that is very thin. I can position the unit on my head and press gently on each side with my hands to position the unit correctly every time. The lens cap is molded to the contours of my head and is designed to fit snugly and securely. The water causes the unit to form a vacuum seal with my scalp, and the unit is comfortable to wear all day long. I normally spend about 10-15 seconds putting on my unit with the lens cap. This type of base seems almost too good to be true for someone who has struggled with tape or clips—often with bad results. I would never return to hair replacement units that require tape or clips.

In addition to the innovative lens cap base, Bill also introduced me to new developments in synthetic hair that is available at Prohair. In my opinion, the synthetic hair that Bill uses in my hair replacement units is as good if not better than human hair. The fiber looks like human hair and is very natural looking. As I walk or move, the hair on the unit will move as if it were natural hair on my head.

My own natural hair is very fine. In the past it was difficult to match my remaining hair with synthetic hair, which tended to be heavier and not as fine as my hair. I had to get used to the new fine synthetic hair with its natural movement. Other synthetic hair that I wore in the past did not move naturally because it did not have the qualities and texture of the synthetic hair used in my current units.

For someone who has worn “breathable” mesh fabric bases, the lens cap base may sound as if it is uncomfortable and hot. The lens cap is a sheer plastic base which, with gentle guidance of the hands, will fit snugly on the head. The lens cap base is very comfortable to wear (even in the hot summer months), and the lens cap more comfortable than a fabric base which requires the use of tape.

The new synthetic hair that Bill introduced to me requires almost no maintenance at all. The unit retains its styling and needs only minimal maintenance with a comb or brush. I have worn these units for over two years with no loss of color, and the synthetic hair looks and feels as good as the day I wore it for the first time.

Another development that Bill introduced to me is the invisible knot where the hair is attached to the base. The knot is invisible because it has been bleached white and blends with your scalp. In the past, I had to be careful that the hairline in the front of my unit was not exposed. I had to make sure hair covered the hairline so that the dark knots would not show. If the knots were visible, they formed symmetrical rows that made the unit detectable and look unnatural to others. The units that I currently wear have invisible knots in front of the unit and in the crown. This makes the hair replacement unit look completely natural, and there is no uneasiness about wearing the hair in a way that shows the hairline or having someone see the crown of the unit.

For a hair replacement unit to be a success, not only must you have an excellent product, such as the lens cap base and natural-looking synthetic hair, but also you must have a stylist who can make the unit look as natural as your own hair would look. Bill Kelly is an accomplished hair cutter and stylist who has been in the business for as long as I have been wearing hair replacement units. Bill is never content with the status quo and is always looking for innovations and making recommendations to manufacturers for improvements in hair replacement systems. Bill is a pleasure to work with and takes a great deal of pride in his work. He listens to his customers and offers superb hair replacement units with human hair as well as with the synthetic hair that I currently use.

It is a pleasure to recommend Bill Kelly and Prohair, Inc. to others seeking high-end hair replacement systems and professional results."

A Prohair Customer for over 12 Years Charlotte, North Carolina